Individual Adult Therapy

Stop sweeping your feelings under the rug.

Everyone comes to you.

With their issues, concerns, problems, anxieties.

You never seem to have a moment alone – you constantly have to set aside your own concerns to welcome others and make room for what’s going on with them.

You’ve got a wonderful listening ear, so you seem to be the sounding board for all your family and friends. They get off the phone with you and give a sigh of relief that their weight is lifted because of your sound advice. They say they always feel better after talking with you.

And you’re glad to help because you love them – you care about them.

On your end though, it’s a totally different story.

Being that sounding board has taken its toll. Listening actively, empathetically, requires a lot of time and energy.

By the time you’ve finished helping everyone else, you’re drained. You have nothing left for yourself.

Now you’re worried about your own issues AND everything they’ve just laid in your lap. You’ve been carrying around the weight of everyone’s problems as well as your own, and you have no one to talk to. No one to share your burdens.

The feelings of sadness and worry are starting to affect you at work and at home.

All that equanimity that draws people to you is about to crumble. You wonder how much longer you can keep doing this, and it’s killing you because everyone thinks you’ve got it together.

You don’t want to let them – or yourself – down. But you’re trapped under the weight of it all, sinking fast under the weight of everyone’s problems.

That’s a lonely, frightening place, but it doesn’t have to be.

There is hope. There is peace.

That’s where I come in.

Together, we can find the balance that you have been searching for. We can work through your worries, concerns, problems, fears, and even your hopes and dreams.

Because in our time together, it’s all about YOU.

Being stuck is not the only option. Let me be your sounding board.

Let’s find the true “you” that you felt was lost along the road of life.

Cast off your burdens. Breathe. Refresh. Recharge. Revitalize.

You don’t have to carry all this alone.

Let me help you care for yourself the way you care for all the others in your life.

Let me help you experience that same relief you so willingly give to others.

Because you deserve it.

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