Dr. Shae’s Corner

The mind’s ability to adapt and expand amazes me daily. I am fascinated by the human brain. You can find me at restaurants, concerts, or out walking while watching the crowd.

I have always been interested in people: what they do, what they think, and how they feel. I am most amazed by how resilient people can be.

The determination that it takes to rebound after devastation and trauma is what makes us so powerful.
I find it incredible the strength we all have within.


“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today!”

My clients inspire me every day. I love seeing people find their way and thrive in life. Within minutes of meeting someone, I can see their internal strength, and I make it my duty to guide them to finding that for themselves. It is honestly what I love to do.

Education and experience

I earned my Master’s of Counseling from Prairie View A&M University. I then went on to obtain my Doctorate of Psychology from Northcentral University.

My career as a helping professional began 16 years ago when I became a teacher. After gaining experience in classrooms, I began school counseling, which fueled my passion for Mental Health and led to ReAlign Counseling Center being born.

Fun Facts

  • When I am not working, I am writing! I am currently working on a novel and a book of poetry.
  • I LOVE to read. Fiction books are my guilty pleasure, but non-fiction fuel my need for knowledge.
  • I am an animal lover! Really, I am into ALL animals. I was the kid bringing home dogs, turtles, and any other animal I found that needed a home when I was a kid.
  • And, I am a wife, a mother of four, and a lover of LIFE!