Adolescent Therapy

The preteen and teenage years are some of the most turbulent years of life.

The struggle of trying to find your true self while trying to fit in with the “popular” crowds is stressful, to say the least.

Peer relationships, academic work, and identity struggles can lead teens into feeling overwhelmed, sad and lonely.

The feeling that nobody understands creeps into their minds daily. Social anxiety becomes a regular occurrence.

Many teens struggle with anxiety and depression ALONE.

They internalize their struggles and try to act as if they are okay.

Parents often see the struggle as isolation, defiance, and a hyper-fixation on electronics.

Teens are constantly in their rooms and spend less and less time enjoying family, friends, and fun school activities.

Eventually, parents find themselves sounding like a broken record trying to get their teen to talk to them about what might be going on.

This cycle leads to social anxiety, social isolation, and a teenager who graduates unhappy and undecided on where to go with their life.

There are so many paths for them to take… It’s overwhelming… It’s stressful… THEY FEEL DEFEATED.

Bridging the gap

Counseling adolescents is about relatability and understanding the struggles they endure.

Because of the difference in how parents and teens perceive things, it often means that their goals for therapy are not going to be the same.

This is okay. We are neutral, with the only goal of helping your teen explore and resolve current and past challenges, create better solutions, build a strong mindset, and achieve their goals.

We strive to come from a place of empathy.

This allows your teen to share their experiences of what their life is like during this transitional time.

We then work to help them discover their true self.

Your child will discover their strengths and learn to acknowledge those strengths in a way they can apply them to make and reach their goals.

Self-esteem is built through reflection, processing, and engaging in activities and conversations that reinforce confidence and motivation.

Past clients have had eye-opening moments that led them to not only embrace untapped talents, but also create goals and plans to reach higher levels in their education and careers.

Your child’s new awakening is only a call away.

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