Growth, healing, and change all lead to one result… FEELING COMPLETE.

Just going through the motions of daily life without any satisfaction. Everything that needs to be done seems to take a huge effort.

A racing heart can be unnerving.

Always being on edge is draining.

When there is a challenge in falling asleep – and then you can’t stay asleep – exhaustion the next day is inevitable.

Worry. Constant worry. Worry some more.

Being anxious is not the way you want to live your life.

Reliving old memories either during the day or waking up from nightmares is unpleasant – and sometimes debilitating.

To get back to feeling like ‘YOU’!

Therapy with me is about figuring life out for you, as an individual. Our work together will help you get the motivation to get the most out of your life.

Getting help doesn’t mean you have a
mental illness.

Improving yourself is a great reason to talk to someone.

You might want to prepare for an upcoming change that you know is inevitable – or a life transition that is challenging – think divorce or empty nesting.

Perhaps you want to work on finding your purpose or passion, work on improving your self-esteem, or the ability to stand up for yourself in a relationship.

Other times, it is because you feel everything else you’ve tried hasn’t worked, and you just need to find something that helps you feel better and get unstuck!

ReAlign and realize your mind’s full potential.

It can be difficult to get started. But take the first step by making an appointment to make it real.

You are going to have to face your pain or confusion (with someone you don’t know!), and we understand how difficult this is. We will work to get to know you, then walk you through the steps of change methodically and triumphantly.

Change can be scary, but so is staying the same.

You want change, though, right? That’s why you came here. Nothing will change without doing something first.

Our knowledge and expertise paired with your motivation for change and relief will help make this step easier. You don’t have to do it alone.

Together, we can work on what is bothering you and come up with a plan to figure it out, to help you feel better, and get back to being yourself!

Contact ReAlign at (817) 953-6316 to schedule your free initial call!